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Goodbye DirectMemory, Welcome Apache DirectMemory

A quick post to announce that DirectMemory has been accepted for incubation in the Apache Software Foundation – and this is, of course, a good occasion to show off a new rebranded logo ;). One of the best things is … Continue reading

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DirectMemory Cache exposed

DirectMemory, in just some months, has gone under three complete rewrites. Why? At first I wanted it powerful, I had a vision in which it become a new end-to-end solutions for all cache related solutions (from heap to off-heap to … Continue reading

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DirectMemory Benchmark: Heap vs Off-heap vs OrientDB

The good news is that I finally managed to get a full refactoring done. The VERY good news is that it allowed to get a first NoSQL storage implementation done quickly and easily using the OrientDB document database as the … Continue reading

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Introducing DirectMemory cache

DirectMemory Cache is an open source alternative to Terracotta BigMemory ™ and has the final goal to let java applications use large (10, 20 GB and more) amounts of memory without slowing down the garbage collection process affecting overall system performance. … Continue reading

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