Goodbye DirectMemory, Welcome Apache DirectMemory

Apache DirectMemory logo

A quick post to announce that DirectMemory has been accepted for incubation in the Apache Software Foundation – and this is, of course, a good occasion to show off a new rebranded logo ;). One of the best things is that the team has grown to eight talented committers (ok, seven plus me) :

Ioannis Canellos
Maurizio Cucchiara
Grobmeier Christian
Olivier Lamy
Raffaele P. Guidi
Simone Gianni
Simone Tripodi
Tommaso Teofili

And the project will be assisted in incubation by five experienced mentors:

Anthony Elder
Christian Grobmeier
Olivier Lamy
Sylvain Wallez
Tim Williams

Good times are gonna come: stay tuned at the Apache DirectMemory incubator site for more exciting news!


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4 Responses to Goodbye DirectMemory, Welcome Apache DirectMemory

  1. Artem says:

    Very useful project! But when will we see the release or at least beta? How fare is the project from it or what prevents it? I’m looking forward to use it and avoid irritating GC pauses, but I’d like to be more confident about quality of the product.

    • Well, first of all thanks for your interest in the project. The short answer is “I don’t know, yet” while, if you have some more time, I can tell you that we just started the process that will lead us to become an Apache top level project (, the team has grown from one to more or less then valuable committers and we begun to work on code quality, features, testing and a solid first GA release coming in the next few months. Keep in touch, then, and see you soon 😉


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